Структура за темами

  • Course name

    Digital Twins for advanced materials and sustainable structures





    Necessary knowledge

    basic knowledge of physics of continuous media, mechanics of materials, AI and materials science.

    Acquired skills

    Upon completing the course participants will acquire a diverse set of skills encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical application. The key skills gained include: digital twin fundamentals; materials science proficiency; proficiency in principles and strategies for sustainable structural design; analytical skills to address challenges in materials and structural design; ability to make informed decisions based on sustainability considerations; exposure to real-world applications of digital twins in relevant industries.

    Course duration

    8 hours

    Target groups

    Undergraduates, post-graduates and researches of specialty materials science, mechanical engineering and AI


    Oleksii Milenin, Dr. of Sci., Leading Researcher, Associate Professor

    E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department of mathematical methods of research of physical and chemical processes in welding and special electrometallurgy
    Kyiv Academic University, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science
    Phone: +38 (044) 205 24 31
    e-mail: olexiy.milenin@gmail.com

    The course was developed within the framework of the Project BOOSTalent: Empowering HEIs to Lead in Deep Tech Excellence with Innovative AI and ML for Sustainability, Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Electronics (EIT HEI Initiative).