Структура за темами

  • Course name

    Advanced powder technology








    Necessary knowledge

    knowledge of physics of continuous media, mechanics of materials, physical chemistry and materials science, obtained during the acquisition of a bachelor's or master’s degree.


    Acquired skills

    - knowledge of approaches to the processing of nanomaterials, possess conceptual and methodological knowledge in the field of materials science and be able to use them for professional activities on the border of subject areas.

    - ability to integrate existing powder technologies to processing for ceramic materials and design the materials structure to enhance their properties.

    Course duration

    8 hours



    Target groups

    undergraduates and post-graduates of specialty materials science, mechanical engineering



    Ostap Zgalat-Lozynskyi, Dr. of Sci., Leading Researcher, Associate Professor

    Ostap Zgalat-Lozynskyy

    Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department of thermomechanical treatment of high-melting-point materials

    Kyiv Academic University, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science

    Phone: +38 (044) 390-71-88

    e-mail: zgalatlozynskyy@gmail.com


    The course was developed within the framework of the Project BOOSTalent: Empowering HEIs to Lead in Deep Tech Excellence with Innovative AI and ML for Sustainability, Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Electronics (EIT HEI Initiative).

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